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Elizabeth K. Reams  Kimberly    CHS 1928

Eating a hurried lunch so we could "walk the halls," separate staircases for boys and girls, wonderful formal Christmas dances at the Fontenelle Hotel given by the social clubs (they were legal then!).

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C. Lowell Harriss      CHS 1930

My math teacher, Mrs. Burns, encouraging me to to go Harvard where I graduated summa cum laude in 1934.

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George A. Fowler      CHS 1948

The wrestling team.  The impressive style and structure of the school.  The teachers who, upon reflection, were superior.  A whole field of attractive, charming girls.

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Paul C. Moessner      CHS 1958

Loved our 50th reunion last year (2008).  The guys were distingushed and the women were beautiful! Even with some ruts and bumps, the road of life has been good to the Class of '58!   My choicest memories of being a CHS Eagle are related to the friends I made while participating as a member of the orchestra, as an ROTC cadet, as a member of the Outdoorsman Club and other activities.  CHS was also where I met my future wife, Diane Ferguson, CHS 1959, who so strongly supported my 30-year Navy career and with whom I raised four terrific children.  The high standards of academic performance and personal ethics learned from great CHS teachers and staff continue to make my life successful.

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Lisa C. Lewis  Shapiro    CHS 1966

Working on the CHS Register, Miss Luhr and the Art room.

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Connie L. Lemke  Kain    CHS 1974

I remember all of my teachers fondly, but the one that stood out the most was John Keenan my English teacher.  He always had a story to share and, of course, who could not forget the themes.  I remember so many things I learned at Central.

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Mary (Katie) K. Pieper  Monen    CHS 1982

Playing on the girls' basketball team,  coached by Paul Semrad.

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Shawn M. Corbett     CHS 1997

Ms. Storm special ED "only cursing in my class he, she, it" and walking the halls with about ten seconds to get to the next class.

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Antonio (Tony) M. Lopez      CHS 2006 

Oh the many fire alarms...  and oh the ninja raids... Central was truly a place for all its students to successfully take that next step in their lives towards adulthood.  I know that not only myself, but many people were able to branch out and advance themselves as both students, and actual people as well.   Here's to us, '06, and all the other Eagles who have ever existed!

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Zenaida Anthony     CHS 2010

My memory is all of the Class of 2010 being together for the last time on May 12, 2010.  It was the most emotional day besides graduation night but we had a BALL!!

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