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Evalyn R. Gill  Pierpoint    CHS 1928

I remember many teachers, especially Irma Costello and Bess Shackell, from whom I took four years of Latin and spent as much time preparing it as all other subjects together. Miss Costello urged me to enter a state contest in Lincoln  when I was a freshman studying ancient history under her. This dedicated teacher tutored me on her own time every day after school for many weeks before the contest.  We were rewarded and were able to bring back the first prize for Central High School.

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Sebastian S. Manzitto      CHS 1939

I was a member of the Central High baseball team. In 1938 and 1939 we won city and state campionships. In 1939 I was named on the Central High School baseball Hall of Fame.  A great feeling when I think back sixty or so years.

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Dorothy (Dottie) S. Deuser Saalfeld   CHS 1946

My high school memories are much cherished and many. Some good, some not so good, but all very important in my journey of faith!

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Darrell D. Cox     CHS 1951

ROTC, Mr. "G", City Champs Rifle Team, Military Ball, Queen's Hussars (Ak-Sar-Ben)

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Alista V. Tinnon  Daniels    CHS 1964

Friday Pep Rallies around the "sacred" C that no one was supposed to walk on; Friday white fish and/or macaroni & cheese in the school cafeteria; Miss Buffett (advanced clothing teacher).

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Nancy A. Moran  Almgren    CHS 1971

Football games, Mr. Keeman, the courtyard, Mr. Kuncl and Mrs. Rust.

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Leslie Johnson Pujo     CHS 1984

Decorating the "C" for homecoming; the Red Cloud Field Trip; Mr. Blanke's AP History Class - "13 contiguous colonies" and "slithering reptiles"; the wood floors and courtyard; getting lost looking for the new gym; Mrs. Autenreith ("Tale of Two Cities"), Mrs. Bernstein ("Moby Dick") and Mr. Daly ("Canterbury Tales"); the CHS stylebook and 5-paragraph themes; CHS Register

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Jason K. Lemke      CHS 1992

Mr. Waples English class (he was a great teacher).   Talking with friends in the courtyard.   Football games against Creighton Prep.   Mr. Roeder's science class.   The days of hanging out with friends, I really miss those times.

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Ja'Maine N. Billups     CHS 2000

You could hear the floors creak when you walked through the hallways on the upper floors.

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Xiomara Avalos    CHS 2012

CHS has left me with so many memories but my favorite would be listening to Dr. Bigsby ("Dr. B") in the morning announcements. My morning will just never be complete anymore. 

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